Letter from the President

Nature intended for your body to stand. When injury, disease, weakness, aging or other unscheduled stops in life interrupt that intention the lack of standing can be catastrophic. Lack of daily standing can negatively impact your posture, bowel and bladder function, cardio-vascular function, renal function, spasticity, range of motion, bone density, emotional health and just plain comfort. Lack of standing typically shows in contractures, increased spasticity, or loss of range in the lower extremities, hips, back and neck.

Our first stander was built for my personal use and the approach we took then was that standing is good for you, but that standing correctly would be better. With a great deal of research, medical advice and all the input we could put together, we built our first Granstand Standing device. As our product turned into products and we matured into a manufacturer of standing equipment, our focus and message are the same – standing is good for you, but standing correctly is better!

Prime Engineering’s products have been developed and engineered to maximize all of the benefits of standing and control the secondary medical concerns commonly associated with long-term disability. Cardio-vascular strengthening, improved renal function, spasticity reduction, improved bowel function and increased range-of-motion are just some of the many benefits possible with proper standing.

Our product designs incorporate one of the most important concepts to proper standing and that is adjustability facilitating proper standing and weight bearing. To accomplish this goal, complete hip extension or mild hyperextension of the hips is necessary to fully load the lower extremities and facilitate the obliteration of contractures. To this end, you will find that our premier line of standers all supply the maximum benefits of proper standing, safety, durability, function, no TRANSFER DESIGN and complete individual adjustments for an intimate and proper fitting unit.

I invite you to try one of our products and feel the difference that standing correctly can make in your life.

Mary Wilson Boegel