Prime Engineering has been supplying innovation in standing technology since 1984. Input from Doctors, therapists and end-users has allowed us to create our line of personal and clinical standing devices as the most advanced in the market. Our innovative design features supplying No Transfer – No Lift Technology, proper standing positioning, advanced adjustability and multifunctional frames have been copied for concept but never duplicated for function.

Standing is important, but standing correctly is crucial. To realize the full benefits of any standing program you must stand correctly. Prime Engineering’s products supply the best standing position available without exception simply because they have been designed to do so. Our concern has always been and will remain proper, safe standing for anyone with a physical disability.

We started by creating a solution for one woman’s personal needs as a spinal cord injury patient with severe contractures and from this created a company that has addressed the needs of thousands of clients of all types. Our first standing device, the Granstand, was built to address the needs of the president of our company, this unit was the accepted clinical standard for over 10 years supplying proper standing and positioning. Our new versions of this unit the Granstand II and Granstand III have set new standards for function, positioning and capability.

We have expanded our line of products to standing systems that accommodate the therapeutic standing needs of both adult and pediatric clients. Our focus has always been that there is an art to standing and that art is a balance between the focus on the individual and their particular needs and lifestyles and the fit and function of the equipment that we manufacture.

Balance and symmetry are fundamental to all of our products. We welcome you to review our products and look forward to your questions or comments.