Superstand HLT


Standing in biomechanical alignment of head, shoulders, spine, pelvis, knees and ankles, with some abduction is part of a postural management and surveillance program that has been shown to dramatically decrease hip subluxation, scoliosis, wind-swept deformity, contractures and pain.


The new and improved Superstand HLT:

  • Goes flat to load
  • The mast is now higher, making transfers easier
  • Easily customized for moderate and severe postural asymmetries, spasticity, dystonia and other orthopedic anomalies
  • Tool Free Adjustment
  • Soft Touch Knobs — easier on your hands
  • Supine, Prone, and Upright Standing Positions
  • Mast slides off base easily and base folds for storage or transportation


  • Horizontal high-loading surface
  • Prone, Vertical, Supine or Multi-Position configurable
  • Hip and chest pads
  • Hands free standing angle adjustments
  • Height and depth adjusted knee system
  • Lock out block and 3″ locking casters
  • Headrest, Chinrest, Lateral pads, Sliding Adj. Tracks with non-contour pad, Ht. Adj. Foot System, Multi Adj. Foot System, Abduction foot system, Size Adj. Knee Pads, Shoe Holders, Height & Depth Adj. Pommel W/Rigid Hip Pad, Height Adj. Pommel, Tray Easel, Steel Casters and Tray with Activity Bowl
  • Frame Color: Candy Red, Candy Blue, Candy Purple, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Shocker Green, and Black
  • Upholstery Color: Black Vinyl, Blue Vinyl, Black, Red Vinyl
  • Harness Color: Black Denim, Blue Denim, Black Vinyl, Blue Vinyl, Red Vinyl, Customer supplied
  • Custom Upholstery: Customer Supplied Material or Black Vinyl, Blue Vinyl, Red Vinyl, or Requested Color
  • Hip Pad Brackets: 90° Standard; 1″ or 2″ Offset

Custom Needs: Prime Engineering’s products have been designed with the flexibility to meet most clients’ needs within their standard features and options. If you have special needs, questions, or any other item that we may assist you with, our engineering department and standing and positioning specialists will be happy to answer your question or assist you with the design and fabrication of a unit to meet your needs.


Lateral Positioning Supports

  • Lateral Chest Supports EI: 3 1/2” deep by 3” high
  • Lateral Chest Supports Size 1: 4 1/2” deep by 4”
  • Lateral Chest Supports Size 2: 4 1/2” deep by 6” high
  • Lateral Hip Supports EI: 3 1/2” deep by 3” high
  • Lateral Hip Supports Size 1: 4 1/2” deep by 5 1/2” high
  • Lateral Hip Supports Size 2: 4 1/2” deep by 6 1/2” high
  • Sliding Adj. Tracks on Size 1 Non-Contoured Chest pad or on Size 2 Standard Chest pad
  • Sliding Adj. Tracks on Hip pad: Sliding tracks supply maximum adj. for lateral pads for height and angle

Straps and Supports

  • Chest Belt: Black nylon velcro chest belt
  • Padded Chest Belt: Black nylon chest belt with pad
  • Body Support Vest: Quick release vest for upper body support
  • Soft Hip Support: Soft strap for hip support while in Prone
  • Single Patient Use Body Support Vest EI size only: Unlined light duty washable vest (denim only)
  • Single Patient Use Soft Hip Support EI size only: Unlined light duty washable prone hip support strap (denim only)

Head Support

  • Headrest: Height and depth adjustable padded headrest (includes 1/2 Square Tube Mount)
  • 1/2” Square Tube Mount: Height and depth adjustable mount for any headrests that us a 1/2” horizontal mounting bar
  • i2i Flip Back Mount: Flip back mounting hardware for the i2i headrest (hardware only)
  • 1/2” Square Tube Flip Back Mount: Flip back mount for any headrest using a 1/2” horizontal mounting bar
  • Chinrest: Height adjustable chin support

Lower Extremity Positioning

  • Independent Footplates: Individually height adjustable footplates with heel loops
  • Multi-Position Foot System: Individually adj. for planter-flexion, dorsi-flexion, rotation, height, with heel loops and foot straps
  • Size-Adjustable Knee Pads (pair): Allows knee pad width adjustment from 2 ½” – 4 ½” in width (not available in EI)
  • D-Ring Footstraps: 1” Velcro D-Ring straps
  • Shoe Holders (pair): Formed ABS shoe holders with ankle and toe straps
  • Size: Sm (6″ long x 4 1/4″ wide), Med (8″ long x 4 7/8″ wide), Lrg (10 1/2” long x 6″ wide)
  • Height Adjustable Pommel: Assists in maintaining lower extremity position
  • Pommel W/ Rigid Hip Pad: Height adjustable pommel with height and depth adjustable rigid hip pad
  • ABduction Leg System: Includes rotating knees and fully adjustable shoe holders
  • ABduction Leg System with Pommel: Includes rotating knees, fully adj shoe holders and pommell with rigid pad
  • Prone Standing: This is recommended for prone standing.


  • Opaque Upper Extremity Positioning Tray: Multi-Positional tray with height, depth and angle adjustment
  • Clear Upper Extremity Positioning Tray: Multi-Positional tray with height, depth and angle adjustment
  • Tray Options: Opaque overlay, Clear overlay, Tray Easel, Edging
  • Activity Bowl: Tray cut-out with 7” bowl (clear tray only)
  • Padded Covers: Full size removable padded cover, Wrap around non removable elbow padding


  • Steel Caster Upgrade: High performance easy rolling steel casters that lock for both swivel and roll

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