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SHEAR REDUCTION SYSTEM: Our Adjustable-Sliding-Back and Sliding-Seat configurations reduce shear as your body moves from sitting to standing. Our Sliding-Seat and Adjustable-Sliding-Back supply the ability to maintain the position of the body and the items needed for support. The advanced design and positioning capabilities of Symmetry reduce the effect of shear on the body, maintaining proper position.

UPGRADEABLE MODULAR FRAME DESIGN: Symmetry allows you to configure the system the way you need it. Interchangeable back assemblies switch the configuration from a standard unit to a full support system, quickly and easily when necessary. Changes in client size, ability, positional or medical condition can be accommodated as needed with simple tool free adjustment.

MILD HIP EXTENSION, CONTRACTURE CONTROL: Symmetry, like all Prime Engineering products, supplies the best standing and positioning possible. All of our innovative design features allow proper adjustment to facilitate mild hyper-extension at the hips for maximum weight bearing and comfortable contracture control, supplying the optimum standing benefit to the client.

Maximum adjustability allows for personalized fit to support all your standing program needs.
ALL STEEL FRAME CONSTRUCTION: Supplies maximum durability and stable support while in use.
LIFETIME FRAME WARRANTY: Lifetime frame warranty to the original

Standard Features: All Symmetry Standing Systems come complete with the following: Sliding-Seat; base frame; 3" locking plastic casters; height and depth adjustable chest pad; flip-up armrests; height and angle adjustable foot positioners; adjustable height tabletop; and depth adjustable knee pad.

Optional Features: Lateral chest supports; hip guides; padded chest belt; lap belt; various Adjustable-Sliding-Back assembly's; multi-adjustable knee system; Roho knee pads; calf straps; custom trays; tray edging; foot straps; steel caster upgrade; tray overlays; tray easel; custom design and manufacturing abilities.

Custom Needs: Symmetry has been designed with the flexibility to meet most client's needs within its standard features and options. If you have special needs, questions, or any other item that we may assist you with, our engineering department and standing and positioning specialists will be happy to answer your questions or assist you with the design and fabrication of a unit to meet your specific needs.

Adult Specifications:
Base Size: 24" wide X 36" long.
Client Weight:
Standard weight capacity 275 lbs.
Client Height:
5' - 6' 5"
Custom heights avail. - Call for quote.
Std Tray Size: 24" wide X 18" deep.
  Youth Specifications:
Base Size: 24" wide X 30.5" long.
Client Weight:
Standard weight capacity 200 lbs.
Client Height:
3' 6" - 5' 6"
Custom heights avail. - Call for quote.
Std Tray Size: 24" wide X 18" deep.

Ease of Transfer

1.Place your feet into the frame. 2.Transfer onto the padded seat. Position your feet in the shoe holders.
Flip down the knee support. Flip down the lift arm. Hook the lifting strap onto the lift arm.
Flip the armrest back into postion. Pump yourself to standing. Finish by bringing yourself to a fully upright weight bearing posture, supported and properly positioned.


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