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Equipping your Symmetry with a mobile package supplies the functional benefit of movement through your home or work place while maintaining the best fully upright, weight bearing position a sit to stand product can offer. All our Symmetries are based on a single modular frame allowing you to choose the correct configuration for your needs. Adding mobility, a swivel seat, or any standard or custom built accessory to your Symmetry will not affect our Over-Center Seat Technology, Shear Compensating System or any other of the features that lead to your decision to stand with us in “Symmetry”.
No Belts to Slip or Adjust:
A positive chain and sprocket system transfers the movement of the hand-rims propelling you where you want to go without wasting valuable energy.
Solid Axle for Precision Wheel Alignment:
A solid axel bar connecting the wheels assures proper wheel alignment and maneuverability adding to propulsion ease regardless of your abilities.

These features supply you the most efficient and accurate propulsion system available!

The First Shear Reducing Standing System designed to supply proper positioning and support while standing, sitting or during the transition from one to the other. The comfortable, Easy-To-Use solid seat stander is available with all the features to make your standing program a success!

Transfer Friendly: Armrests, lift arms & knee supports flip up and away for easy transfer
Open Frame Design: Close to the frame wheelchair access for ease of transfers.
Easy Access: Frame Design:Patient lift friendly frame accommodates lift access and ease of positioning
Sizes from Youth to Adult: Symmetry Youth covers the size ranges from 3 foot 6 inches thru 5 foot 6 inches in height.
Symmetry Adult covers the size ranges from 5 foot thru 6 foot 5 inches in height

The Symmetry’s ability to put the body in correct full upright weight bearing  and achieve mild hyperextension at the hips while reducing the negative effects of shear is unique to standing systems and is the key to correct standing. This allows adjustment of the standing position for maximum stretch and a progressive standing program.
This achievement has evolved through the Symmetry’s unique design principles.

Over-Center Seat Technology & Shear Reduction
Sliding-Seat Technology: Reduces the effect of shear as the body moves from sitting to standing while minimizing unwanted postures.

Adjustable Sliding Back: Unique back adjustment system allows precise back movement with the client keeping all support surfaces in proper alignment from sitting to standing.

Symmetry eliminates the effects of shear built into other solid seat standing systems.


See what happens to the support surfaces in a typical solid seat stander. As the body moves, shear occurs and contact surface decreases increasing areas of pressure. Positioning supports move out of position and become non-functional.


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