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Prone, Vertical and Supine capable; Hip and chest positioning pads with laterals; Headrest; Chinrest; Denim support harness; Hands free standing angle adjustment; Width, height and depth adjustable knee system; Soft hip support pad; Individual planter-flexion, dorsi-flexion, rotation and height adjustable foot system; Adjustable heel loops; Toe straps; Adjustment lock out block and Base with 3" plastic casters.
Frame Color: Red, Blue, Midnight Purple
Upholstery Color: Red, Blue, Black Vinyl
Harness Color: Black, Denim, Blue Denim
Custom Upholstery: Customer Supplied Material or Black Vinyl, Blue Vinyl, Red Vinyl, or Requested Color
Lateral Pads and Brackets:
Superstand is standard with 6 1/2"H X 4 1/2"D Chest Laterals and 6 1/2"H X 4 1/2"D Hip Laterals with 90 Degree Brackets.
Chest Pad Brackets: 90° Standard; 1" or 2" Offset
Hip Pad Brackets: 90° Standard; 1" or 2" Offset

Upper Extremity Positioning Tray Assembly:
Multi-Position tray with individual height, depth and angle adjustment
Tray Options: Opaque tray overlay; Clear tray overlay; Tray; easel
Activity Bowl Tray: cut-out with 7” bowl"
Padded Tray Cover: Removeable padded tray cover
Shoe Holders (pair): Formed ABS shoe holders with ankle and toe straps for foot positioning
Size: Sm (6" long x 4 1/4" wide), Med (8" long x 4 7/8" wide), Lg (10 1/2” long x 6" wide)
Size Adjustable Knee Pads
D-Ring Straps
Height Adjustable Pommel: Assists in maintaining lower extremity position
Pommel W/ Rigid Hip Pad: Height adjustable pommel with height and depth adjustable rigid hip pad
Steel Caster Upgrade: High performance easy rolling steel casters with lock for both swivel and roll
Padded Head Strap: Sheepskin-lined strap with Velcro closure
Custom Needs: Prime Engineering’s products have been designed with the flexibility to meet most clients’ needs within their standard features and options. If you have special needs, questions, or any other item that we may assist you with, our engineering department and standing and positioning specialists will be happy to answer your question or assist you with the design and fabrication of a unit to meet your needs.

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