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New Product Accessory Announcements

KidWalk I and KidWalk II Soft Touch Clamping Knobs
Standard on all KidWalk I and KidWalk II are Soft Touch Knobs. These knobs allow the application of much higher tightening forces to KidWalk adjustment points then the T style knobs they replace. Because the knobs are larger than the older T knobs and are formed with a cushioned outer shell extreme tightening forces can be comfortably achieved ensuring adjustments stay fixed in position.

KidWalk I and KidWalk II Directional Lock 
This is an addition to the KidWalk accessory line that will allow the unit to be propelled in a straight line only when it is therapeutically desirable. This new lock is very smooth to operate and unlike traditional caster pin locks there are no springs, levers or plates involved. The ease of operation of the Directional Lock will allow you to use it only when necessary as it is easily disengaged to allow the castors to rotate 360 degrees.
They can be ordered at the time of KidWalk purchase or easily field retrofitable onto an existing KidWalk.

KidWalk I and KidWalk II Curved Anti-Tippers and Cruiser Wheels
All KidWalks now come standard with curved anti-tips and curved Cruiser Wheels when ordered on the unit. Adding this outward bend places the front anti-tippers or Cruiser Wheels directly in front of the large center drive wheel. This extra clearance while stepping forward offers space to advance the feet and extra room for foot placement during turns, adding another degree of functionality to the Kid Walk.

KidWalk I and KidWalk II Sliding Ankle Guides 
The Ankle Guide System is redesigned to fit the new curved anti tips and Cruiser Wheels
They can be specified as an accessory and will arrive attached to the KidWalk from the factory or, like most of our accessories, are easily field retrofitable.

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