Dynamic Mobility System

Patent Protected 6,832,770 B1
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Effective 9-1-18
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Standard Features Include: Auto centering pelvic guides; Lateral weight shift; Vertical weight relief with adjustable load compensating spring assembly; Angle adjustable mast; Anti-tippers; Wheel locks; Quick release wheels; Padded seat; Adjustable axle position; Light up rear casters; Two piece frame for easy transport.
Dynamic Mobility System
**Seat height 8.5" - 18"**
Client Weight up to 65 pounds


Base: 24" wide by 28" long
Mast Height: 28"
Upholstery: Black nylon
Wheels: 16" Mag
Casters: 4" Lighted

additional features:

Wrap around semi-rigid soft lateral system to fit the smaller client comfortably with a minimum of bulky hardware.

Modular construction allows frame upgrades as the client grows.

Ultra low seat height for true EI use and gait training.

KidWalk EI supplies true natural gait patterns for the client.

Minimized seat size to accomodate and support the EI client.

Frame Color:

  • Candy Blue
  • Candy Red
  • Candy Purple
  • Neon Pink
  • Neon Orange
  • Shocker Green
  • Razzberry
  • White
  • Black

KidWalk Hip Support Selection:*

Standard Configuration:
Width 5" - 7"
Depth 3.25 - 5.25
Optional Configurations:
Width 5.5" - 9"
Depth 3.5" - 6"
Flip Up Pad Brackets:
Straight (std)
10 Degree Angle

*If no selection is marked the standard configurations will be supplied.

Upper Body Support Options:

KidWalk EI Soft Lateral System: Flexible wraparound supports with side to side adj lateral supports with locking buckle....$445.00

Note: Depth is variable by the wrap of the semi rigid lateral support system, see the pictures below for reference.

Width: Std 4" - 7" Optional 6" - 9" with longer flex straps

EI Lateral System Open
Partially closed
Closed and buckled

Rigid Lateral Chest System: Includes lateral side supports, and swingup anterior pads adj range 6.5"-10" W x 4" - 6.5" D....$ 495.00

Flip Up Chest Pad Brackets: 10 Degree Angles (std) Straight

Upper Body Soft Support Wrap: For the client that needs minimal upper body support (available in KidWalk size only).....$ 265.00

Headrest Options:

Headpad: 3"x4" flat headpad
Contoured Small Headrest: 4"Hx6"W(includes mount)
Contoured Medium Headrest: 5"Hx8"W(includes mount)
1/2 Square Tube Mount: (For use with OEM headrests)
i2i Flip Down Headrest Mount:
Specific Headrest Adapter: (Specify headrest type)
Per Quote

Lower Extremity Positioning Options:

Dynamic Leg Wraps: Assist in supplying feedback to the client while encouraging movement in the lower extrmities.... $149.00

Note: Use of the Dynamic Leg Wraps require that the seat height is set at 12 inches or above on the KidWalk EI.

Seat Options:

Note: All seat options are available only on a Standard KidWalk seat, the standard KidWalk EI seat cannot be modified.

KidWalk Seat: Replaces KidWalk EI seat....$ no charge

**Note: Standard seat is wider and thicker than the KidWalk EI seat, using this seat raises the seat height range to 10" - 20".**

Wide Seat: 3" wide x 8" deep: Large padded seat... $195.00

Extended Seats: Longer sides assist in controlling adduction and scissoring: Specify length of sides below....................$299.00

Short - 4" longer sides

Medium - 6" longer sides

Long - 8" longer sides

Leg Straps: Restricts movement of the lower extremities

(Requires 6" or 8" KidWalk extended seat)...................$195.00

Additional Standard Seat: (When ordered with unit)...$100.00

Seat size: EI Standard

Frame Options:

Cruiser Wheels: Allows an omni directional movement
Non-Lighted Caster Wheels:
no charge
Sliding Ankle Prompts: Straps hold ankles to help keep the client's feet from crossing and/or to limit the client's stride
Directional Locks: Locks out caster swivel

Wheel Options:

Anti-Rollback Device:
Client :

Dynamic Mobility System

Patent Protected 6,832,770 B1
Order Form
Price List
Effective 9-1-18

Client Measurements:

A: Chest Width "
B: Chest Depth "
C: Hip Width "
D: Hip Depth "
E: Inseam  
F: Top of Inseam to Axilla "
G: Client Height  
H: Client Weight lbs
Note: All Measurements Assume Symmetrical Standing Posture.

Custom Requests

Please complete the information in the client measurement area above and list any special needs in the following area to speed up the design process and / or response time.


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