Prime Engineering has been key in pioneering the concept of standing programs. We are recognized as the innovator of standing systems since 1984.
Yes, definitely. Our Granstand family of standers will bring you directly from a seated position in your wheelchair or other surface to a fully standing position. The benefit of the Granstand is there is no transfer required and, as with all Prime Engineering products, reduced shear and optimal positioning.
Feel free to contact us for any assistance you need in getting a unit for evaluation, you can call us at 800-827-8263 (800-82-STAND). Prime Engineering works with Independent Manufacturers Reps throughout the US and International distributors. These representatives can bring a sample unit out to your local Durable Medical Equipment Supplier or Rehab Center where you can properly evaluate the unit with your healthcare professional.
In order to ensure that Prime Engineering’s products are supported with local service and clients are able to choose the most appropriate product for them, we only sell through our extensive provider network. For questions, please contact us at 800-827-8263 (800-82-STAND).
Lifetime on the Frame to the original purchaser; Hydraulic Actuators three years for frames made after 2/01/02 to the original purchaser; Gas Shocks one year to the original purchaser; Straps and Slings one year to original purchaser; Other Components ie: upholstery, casters, bearings and other parts warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for 90 days from original purchase date. For additional information on Warranty Conditions and/or Limitations and Exclusions, please contact Prime Engineering.
Yes, we manufacture most of our products in a modular fashion so are able to change and modify our product to meet your specific requirements. This style of manufacturing gives us the control to do what is necessary for special requests. Our positioning and standing specialists will be happy to work with your local therapist or supplier to make sure you get the product you need, whether it’s just a small part or a fully custom system. Contact us for a quote and approximate manufacturing time.
Yes, Shear forces can trigger spasms and potentially injure those with poor skin integrity. It’s crucial to minimize shear when standing. All of Prime Engineering’s Standing Systems address reducing shear and always have.
For adults it takes 30-45 minutes daily to realize the greatest benefit out of a standing program for most outcomes. Longer may be needed for bone health and overall well being. For children, 60-90 minutes daily may be needed to realize the greatest benefit out of a standing program. Lesser amounts are effective in specific circumstances, For adults and children, there is no research to refute or support bouts of standing. It is widely accepted that 10-15 minute bouts that add up to the total amount recommended, may be just as good as standing for just one long session.
Before beginning any standing program you should contact your doctor or healthcare professional to be evaluated for a standing program. This will ensure that you have no functional restrictions or any other health issue that would make a standing program inappropriate. IMPORTANT: A standing program should always be prescribed by an attending physician.
Ship times typically run 2-4 weeks. For any Custom or Special Configuration contact us for specific lead times.